The Yeahti! Mantra

Brand Confidence

Develop confidence on your brand. Never go cheap, and don’t rush everything. Anything made in haste will carry the certainty of waste. Here in Yeahti!, we’d like to start out small while having big things in mind. Your schedule might be tough and the project might need to get a-crackin’ fast, but we believe that easing in the design process is much more helpful and wields better results. Develop a sense of assurance; know that with Yeahti!, you are in the right, fur-coated hands.

Believe in your brand. Know exactly what you’re marketing, who your target audience is, and how it will hold out for years to come. Which brings us to our next mantra.

Think ahead

A brand aims to be timeless. Yes, complying to new trends would be great. It shows you’re in the loop, in the know. But how painful would it be if you had to rebrand after a few years just because the hype has gone down? Here at Yeahti!, we believe that designs should not only reflect the what’s in. We aim for designs that will assuredly last; designs that will, in the right direction, be classic.

The goal is to establish correctly from the bat and not have to redesign after a few years. Cheap designs you might get elsewhere will only get you what its worth.

Reassure, everywhere

The problem with most client-designer relationship is that, most of the time, the client just says what they want to see and the designer just delivers. Sure, you are the boss and you know best for your business, but the designer has also been doing his job for years. A client knows what will work, and so does the designer. Think about how powerful those two factions will be when they’re working in unison.

Yeahti! is your loyal cheerleader and your honest friend. Let’s listen to each other and take each other’s advice. That’s how it should work. Practice minimalism, and listen to each other’s professional advice. A design project should, as always, be a two-way street of filtered input. That’s why we feel that we can advice as objectively as possible. We will reassure you, advise you, and tell you how we feel when something goes awry.

Delivery callibration: subtle to loud

Not much into colors? Think ahead. Sure, your design in black and white should still be working perfectly. The logo’s icon and lettering should be sufficient for your brand to stick to your audience’s minds, but wouldn’t it be better to get recognized by colors alone? Don’t you yourself recognize a can of Pepsi from afar because of the red and blue, even if you’re still twenty feet away from it? Haven’t you already favor some pasta or biscuit because the packaging is awesome and it entices you? This is subtlety at its finest. Associate your brand with a color palette, and you’ll be an unstoppable ticking on the back of people’s head because you know that, with Yeahti!, we help you choose the correct hex codes.

No compromise: cover all bases

You might be looking for only a logo right now, but there will come a time that you will need more. Print design: pamphlets, posters, business cards; web design. We got you covered. Yeahti! works as a go-to designer for lots of companies, organizations and products all across the globe, and there are reasons why our clients keep coming back.

Get in touch with us, and be part of the Yeahti! Approved family. Remember that a one-time job can transform into a beautiful, working professional relationship. That’s another one of our goals. We want to your brand, personally, and we can guarantee that we will deliver because we’ve got your back.

Be the big fish

Be high-end. Are you a start up that needs to grab the attention of people who have already been introduced to services that existed long before you were able to start? Then make a loud splashing noise in the water and make ’em know your company exists. Translate that into an even better, more encouraging message that will make potential members/customers convert. Make a buzz. Be Yeahti! approved.